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What is call boy job Indore?

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How much can you by joining a call boy job Bhopal?
  • You might have up to 8 to 12 clients per month, and the call boy salary is not guaranteed.
  • If you spend two to four hours with clients after registering for the call boy job Bhopal, you can earn between 3,000 and 5,000.
  • If you spend 4 to 6 hours with each client, making sure she is completely satisfied on the call boy in Bhopal, you can make between 5000 and 8000.
How to join call boy job in Chennai?

Below is a breakdown of how to apply for call boy job in Chennai. Visit to learn how to become a call boy Bhopal and start earning money in 24 hours if you’re interested.

  1. Click the “Join Now” button to submit your online call boy jobs in Chennai
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  4. You should have at least 5–6 photographs in your profile.
  5. To learn more about how to work as a call boy, speak with our agent and show them you’re ID card (Aadhar, voter id, passport, or DL).
  6. Get your receipt and send your registration cost.
  7. After we turn it on, customers can view the profile and contact information for callboy job in Chennai.
  8. If you require assistance, get in touch with one of our agents.



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